Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Showers... Bring Mud and green trees

THURSDAY, April 30Th:
The rain was fierce yesterday. There are a lot of advantages to living in the country, but there is one big disadvantage ~ MUD! The road I live on, the driveway, the long walk to the pond, the wooded acreage are all mushy and soaked! Our trees went from nearly naked trees with tiny buds, to a full blown canopy of green in one week. Looking out the window, the sight is beautiful, but that morning walk to the mail box is a muddy mess. Oh well, I guess you can't have the May Flowers without the April showers.

Kane and his New Kilt

TUESDAY, April 28th:
Kane got his Kilt today! He was so excited about it. It was a much better quality than I had expected. My mother found it at a shop in Scotland. Our intentions were to get him is family plaid, kilt and outfit in a quality he could use and wash often, but this is a really nice weighted kilt.
We’re kinda hoping he gets sent to Scotland for his mission work. It seems to be one of the safer places for him to go ( a mother worries), and he could look up the history of the family name - Campbell of Argyle.
But as he says, ‘Let’s leave my mission placement up to God.’
I have uploaded two photos of the 'silly goof'. He'll probably get mad if he knows I put them online, but that's a mother's privilege. LOL

Every Dime Counts

MONDAY, April 20Th:
My daughter and I went shopping today and I found lots of treasures. I also found several items on Etsy that I just had to have!! The New grandbaby is due in early November. That means there is only 185 days of shopping left. LET THE SPOILING BEGIN!
As for my two Granddaughters (Ashley 4 and Maddy 6m) I was busy Easter shopping. Yes, I said Easter shopping. My husband and I live in the country, so we're usually the grandparents that come last on the holiday schedule. At first I was not happy about that, but now I think its a frugal option. Since we usually celebrate holidays with them a week after the holiday, I get to take advantage of the clearance sales. I was able to get the girls lots of Easter goodies for 75% Off!!! Yippee. Every Dime Counts!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, April 4th

Saturday, April 4Th:

Another busy Saturday! My son Kane is in the High School Musical ~ GREASE ~ and tonight is their final preformance. He, being the gracious soul that he is, has offered up our home for the cast party ~ only giving ME two days notice!!!

{I sigh a breath of frustration!}

I keep hoping for a quiet, slow, boring Saturday, but to no avail. I want to create new things; to immerse myself in creativity, with no interruptions, but there is always something more pressing on the weekends. I'm sure I'll find a little time Sunday afternoon. Check back on Monday to see any new listings of what I might have been able to accomplish. Wish me luck and inspiration! Have a blissful weekend!
PHOTO: here is a photo of 4 of my six kids and one of my three grandkids. Left to Right ~ Son, john; granddaughter, Ashley; Daughter, Destiny; Daughter, Michelle (mother of Ashley); Son, Kane. Side note: Destiny is now pregnant after years of trying!!