Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Discoveries

My last few 'Treasure Hunting' trips yielded a few wonderful finds. The items pictured here I have already listed on my Etsy Site ~ InHisWord ~ and a few I still need to decide if I'm going to part with. Oh Joy! I'll be taking another 'Treasure Hunting' trip this coming Wednesday. I am on a quest to find vintage things I can repurpose. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My End of the Rainbow is Golden

In January, while listening to his morning radio program, my husband, Bob, heard about a contest where the winner will receive $5000 in landscaping! He bugged me EVERYDAY to take photos of our front yard, write a story about why we should be chosen! I wasn't going to do it, but I gave in and did as he asked ~ I took the photos of our naked front yard and wrote a letter about how our home was burned to the ground a couple of years ago. We rebuilt our home, but the landscaping had to be put off due to unexpected medical expenses. I emailed the photos and a humorous story to the radio station with only two hours to spare till the deadline. A week later we were told that we were one of four finalist and our photos would be displayed at the landscaping exhibit at the fairgrounds for public voting. Well, WE WON!

I had a visit this morning with the landscaping company that will be putting in our new landscaping! I got to see the drawings of the landscaping plans. WOW! I can't wait.

It seems a little ironic that he would come now ~ now that the rain has created a mud-mote around me house. The wooded areas of the property are beautiful, but the area around the house is a mess! So the landscaper and I walked around in the mud going over all the plans. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! Now, I'm going to have to come up with ways of decorating the front porch. I think I'll go with a couple of white rockers, a side table, hanging flowers, and a large wreath for my big red door.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Washing Away

Wow! I may live on a hill, but at this rate, I'll be living in a valley by next week! Looking out the window, I see my land washing down the hill to my neighbors. It's like its escaping to newer pastures. "Hey, come back!" The rain is relentless. Oh well, at least the pond is full and if the rain stops soon, it will be the perfect level. I may feel like my land is shrinking, but my fish must feel like they have moved to the lake.

Since the rain has kept me indoors, I have had the chance to creat more things for my shops. Creating helps me not think about my 'empty nest' approaching. Kane graduates in two weeks and he leaves for Texas in August. He's the last of the six. The only saving grace is that as my kids start leaving to live their own lives, new grandchildren are being welcomed into the fold.

I thought I would enjoy the empty nest; getting to spend quiet, quality time with my husband, but it will be a totally different way of life. No sporting events to shuttle kids off to; no band contests, or jazz concerts to attend. No teenagers gathering at the house.

At least I have one daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby-to-be living across the road. The rest live close-by. Kane will be the only one going far, far away. Destination unknown. He'll be going to AIM (Adventures in Missions) and will be going somewhere in the world for a two year mission assignment. He want to be a Christian Counselor someday. We're proud of him, but a little nervous about him being far from home.

Watching the rain carry the earth from my driveway, into my neighbors pasture, I realize that nothing stays the same. Our live constantly change, in one way or another. My life has been like my landscape ~ everchanging. Seasons, floods, tornados, fires have all taken their toll, but in the end there always seems to be a freshness; a renewal; that takes us one step up.